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Forget high costs

The cost savings that can be achieved by companies, like yours, switching to use 3CX can be massive.

If you are currently using a traditional PBX, switching to an IP PBX will greatly reduce your call costs. Your whole team will be able to speak to each other fro free via instant chat messaging, conference calls and more.

At TelcoCloud you can submit an Itemised Bill here, and we’ll get straight back to you with the savings.

TelcoCloud 3CX
Work from Anywhere

Businesses today require the capability to work anywhere, and from multiple devices. 3CX comes with a state of the art Softphone, Mobile Apps for both IOS and Android to make doing business easier.

3CX also includes Corporate chat and browser based video conferencing to make business communications smarter.

So, where ever you are in the world whether it be a a coffee shop, a train or even a plane. You’ll be able to join that conference call or make that call as long as you have a WiFi connection.

TelcoCloud 3CX
Tonnes of Features

Some of the advanced features and functions available with 3CX include;

  • Call Queues, Call Reporting, App integration
  • Contact Centre, Corporate Chat, softphone
  • And many, many more!
TelcoCloud 3CX
Don’t take our word for it.

With over 250,000 installations of 3cx across the globe and used by some of the biggest brands in the world, why use anything else?

TelcoCloud 3CX
Install anywhere

Run 3CX On-premise or in the Cloud. However you’d like your 3CX to be deployed, we’ll be able to help you.
Using Google, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure to deploy to the cloud incredibly fast.
Want your system on your premises? No problem, using a Mini PC or using a Virtual Server we’ll be able to run 3CX for you.

TelcoCloud 3CX
Advanced Integrations

3CX is ready out of the box to be integrated with some of the worlds biggest CRM’s and software applications including; Salesforce, Office 365 and many more. This unique integration allows calls to be linked to a customer record before the call is even answered. Cool huh?

TelcoCloud 3CX

Who’s using 3CX?

TelcoCloud 3CX Customers

Our cutting edge communications solutions are designed to be simple and smart. Our goal is to deliver a cloud communications solution that enables your business to be more effective and productive. Gone are the days where one solution fits all, and with a cloud communications solution from TelcoCloud, we’ll tailor everything to meet your exact requirements.

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So, if you’re ready to start your journey into smarter communications, then we’d love to hear from you.